Great Companies have Great Systems

We help our clients build great systems.  As technology continues to expand, companies that can rapidly assess and implement technology will survive and thrive against those who cannot.
This is our purpose.  We are software and systems experts who work with your existing IT people to design and deliver comprehensive solutions to make your company excel.


Your data is valuable.  Manage it accordingly.  Move off of spreadsheets and inflexible programs.  We build and integrate dynamic databases so information becomes your strength instead of a limitation.


Even small business can no longer work in an isolated fashion.  Integration with suppliers and customers and third party partners can save time and increase profitability and stature.

Operations Expertise

You and your team know your business.  We know technology.  Together, we can tailor your interal system to best support your operations


We Get Businesses to Perform Like a Symphony 

In today’s fast changing business environment, demand for flexible software is increasing and integrating with customers, suppliers and other partners is becoming commonplace. Bolt on, off-the-shelf software does not always integrate well if it exists at all. With BSE, we can scour our knowledgebase of software options as well as configure solutions on our own Kardia software platform to meet your business challenges.



Tap into our expert knowledgebase and put it to use solving your most pressing operations problems.


Successful business systems are simple to understand and use.  Beneath the surface, they can be a powerful, complex engine but to the users, they just hit the gas and steer.


When business rules go far beyond simple ‘switches’, our platform shines.  Using SQL stored procedures, a high level scripting language known by tens of thousands, even complex rules can be implemented quickly.


Solutions tailored to fit your needs don’t have to be expensive.  Our unique platform enables quick, robust builds to keep costly development to a minimum.

Web Design & Development

From WordPress to Wix, we can stand up beautiful websites in no time and integrate your on-line presence with tradtional on-premise systems (if applicable).  eCommerce?  On-line inventory management? Been there, done that.


App Design & Development

Check out our Solutions library to see what we have done for some of our clients.  Our unique CST (Configurable Solutions Technology) approach is a leap forward from traditional, costly software development.


Client Stories

An Importer of food products could not find a solution to meet their needs until they discovered Kardia.  Now the very critical function of warehousing the right amount of the right products to minimize stockouts and waste has seen them become the leader in their industry. 

Tracking patients in disaster situations requires a simple, reliable solution.  The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services has deployed Kardia and used it successfully to track people through multiple hurricanes.

A catering company was quoted over $100k to license a leading solution for managing food costs.  Instead, they spent a fraction of that to build a solution using Kardia that exactly meets their needs and did not require any additional training or modification costs.

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