Our Story

We strive to keep the American Dream alive. That dream is intertwined with small business success. Small business employs 2/3rd of the American workforce. You don’t hear about that in the media. You only hear about large business layoffs or expansions, but far more important to our economy is the profitability of small businesses.

Our vision is to enable small business to better find and implement technology that can make them more productive and more profitable. Our life experience includes three decades of working with technology and implementing it successfully in small business operations. From barcoding to OCR to voice recognition, technology will continue to expand and our mission is to solve the operational challenges of small business with a pragmatic approach to technology adoption.

Please check out our solutions library as it represents a wealth of information that we have accumulated over the years. And please do not hesitate to contact us – we often find solutions to problems that stump most other experts.

Bring us a challenge that has you stumped and see what we can do!