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Credit card processing can be extremely painstaking if forced to do it one at a time. With Kardia, check out what one of our clients did:

1: All invoices marked with Credit Card terms appear in a list for payment.

2. The user checks a box next to each invoice that they wish to charge on the customer’s card. By default, the full amount owed will be charged but they can override that and put in any positive amount.

3. The user presses a button and the system then runs each card automatically as part of a batch. Successful charges are given authorization codes in green and any problems are shown in red with an error message as to why (like expired date or insufficient funds).

4. Not only does this handle the processing efficiently, but the successful charges also close out the invoice and mark it paid.

This approach saved them hours and hours each month from having to run each card manually via the Authorize website.