Barcode Labeling

Barcode Labeling

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There are a number of ways to print barcode labels. Making the label creation process flow within the overall operation is the goal. It should not be a separate process to print a label with relevant data – it should be a part of the form or process the user is already doing. This will not only improve efficiency but help make sure labels get applied properly.

We have worked with third party products like BarTender. That is great software for designing labels and even printing as a stand alone application. The print engine can also be called from within another application to generate labels. That is a common technique.

But even more flexibility can be provided if you can drive the label printer directly, and that is what we can do with Kardia. The label format is specified in the native language of the printer – a simple text file. It means labels print as fast as possible as there is no wasted time downloading an image file (which is how most Windows print drivers work) or time required of the printer to process the image. As well, label information provided in the native printer language have access to all the features of that specific label printer.

The latter technique was a requirement for several customers. One required a high density barcode that a Windows driver did not support but the printer did. Another application was a Crystal Report that would not generate a Code 128 label font properly and it would come out blank.