Efficient Order Entry

Efficient Order Entry

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A prospective customer wanted to know if we could match a small but significant feature of the order entry system they were replacing. “If a customer is ordering 3 cases of bananas, we want to enter ‘3C’ in one cell and have it split automatically into the two fields. We can’t be having to press TAB or ENTER in between.”

With upwards of 200 orders per day and 50 or more line items on every order, the reasoning became clear. They were saving thousands of keystrokes a day.

It is the little things that can take a cumbersome order entry system and make it fast and almost a joy to use. Our Kardia software not only solved the above issue but we have employed other time savers as well to make the very critical process of order entry as simple and as efficient as possible.

  • auto-fill fields based on configurable defaults
  • tabbing logic that allows skipping over fields that are rarely edited
  • color coding of cells to draw user’s attention to problems or to provide confirmation
  • custom scripts that can enforce even complex business rules all written in the SQL language so it is familiar and well supported

A system is only as good as the information entered into it and making data entry efficient is a key feature of our Kardia software.