QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

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In this article, we provide an overview of how Kardia or any software can integrate with QuickBooks.

For QuickBooks desktop, the preferred method for integration is to make use of the QuickBooks QBXML API and that is how we integrate Kardia with QuickBooks desktop. The API (provided by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks) provides a comprehensive means for reading, inserting or updating QuickBooks data. For our basic installations, we typically post Journal Entries into QuickBooks that reflect sales and/or deposits for a given period. We have the capability to summarize posts by day or by any custom field that may be desired.

We have done a number of other specific integrations including purchase orders, customer lists, posting invoices in detail, product lists, etc…

For QuickBooks Online (QBO), we utilize the REST API provided by Intuit. In much the same way as the desktop version, Kardia posts journal entries for invoices and deposits, though a number of other data sharing capabilities are available.

The bottom line is that if you are running QuickBooks, then any data that may be needed to be pulled from QuickBooks or posted to QuickBooks can be done so that business processes can be streamlined as needed to eliminate redundancy and minimize errors.