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So you get a new customer all setup and you go to make their first shipment. Painfully, you have to re-enter all of the customer information into UPS. As well, once a tracking# is assigned, you need to enter that back into the ordering system or in an email to your customer.

The UPS Worldship system has an entire integration capability that eliminates this redundant and error prone process. Once integrated with your invoicing system, a shipment can be started simply by scanning or entering the invoice# into Worldship. This retrieves the order information including alternate shipping addresses.

Once the shipment is created, the tracking# is automatically posted back to the invoicing system and automated emails to the customer can be sent with tracking information and the link to the UPS tracking website. Your customers will appreciate this capability.

Our Kardia software has been integrated with the UPS system for several of our clients saving them tremendous time and letting their customers know they are proficient in processing their orders.