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It is one thing to stand up an on-line presence and eCommerce website. It is far more challenging to efficiently integrate one’s on-line presence with internal operations. But more and more, that is what many small businesses need to do to keep up with customer expectations. Everyone has ordered through Amazon and get emails about order placement, order shipment, tracking info, etc… There is no reason this level of customer service is only for the big companies.

We have had several clients with the need to link their web presence with their internal operations. Our Kardia software platform has successfully integrated with WooCommerce and WordPress through the REST API to enable a far more dynamic and automated means of keeping one’s data in synch between on-premise databases and eCommerce databases.

As an example, a coin dealer managing their inventory of coins is constantly sending them out for evaluation or for grading. Much of their sales comes through word of mouth, or trade shows, or from colleagues they have developed within the industry. But some of their sales can also come from their on-line website and/or eBay.

With Kardia, they are able to control the on-line store and which coins they want to promote on their website. When a coin is purchased on-line, it can automatically update the status in their inventory so it is not over committed.